Stanton Law Firm PLLC provides contract general counsel services to entrepreneurs and businesses that do not wish to hire a full time, internal general counsel.

While the general counsel’s role can vary, it will always encompass two important functions:

  • Providing legal counsel and services to the business; and
  • Advising on what legal counsel and services are needed.

Assessing the business and determining the legal priorities of the business is a critical step in making effective use of your legal resources.  Unfortunately, many businesses find themselves bypassing the second function above and engaging external lawyers in a reactive, unplanned manner.  This creates an unhealthy cycle in which:

  • Time and money are consumed by less significant legal needs,
  • More important legal needs are left unaddressed,
  • Legal bills get out of control,
  • Quality control on legal services is lacking, and
  • The legal work being done may have little or nothing to do with driving the business.

Christopher Stanton has both law firm and in-house general counsel experience.  He will apply this experience for the benefit of your business to ensure that your legal needs are prioritized, budgeted, planned and completed.

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